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Enjoy weekly episodes hosted by local small business owners and entrepreneurs Marie March and John Wilburn

Episode 1 - Sinkland Farms

Susan Sink shares her experiences with Sinkland Farms and we tour a new amenity there.  As a bonus, Roger gets technical about dairy farming!

Episode 2 - Calvin Cox

Professional shooter Calvin Cox discusses his path to becoming a winner in his sport, games with guns, and thoughts on armed self-defense.  Then all of us get in on a fun day at the range shooting some high-tech hardware!  We also have a surprise visitor who pops in and keeps us humble.

Episode 3 - C.D. Hubbard Equipment & Service

Meet Cory Hubbard, a 34 year old entrepreneur who built a towing and recovery business in Dublin, VA.  We talk about roadside wrecks, a new business venture, his days as a sled puller, collecting antique tractors, and the importance of slowing down and moving over for roadside workers.

Episode 4 - Buffalo and More

Connie Hale tells us about her unique, bison-themed restaurant and the light at the end the of the tunnel on her plans to move and expand.

Episode 5 - Concord Corner Store & Poor Farmer's Market

Felecia Shelor gives us a tour of Concord Corner Store & Poor Farmer's Market.  Starting with a humble produce stand, she and her team have built a local landmark... They are making Meadows of Dan great again!

Episode 6 - The Emporium General Store

Meet Phil Spence and hear his take on the history of American flags, the meanings of words we use, Abraham Lincoln, early American history, and what's shaping our culture.  We tour his unique general store in New Castle, Virginia, The Emporium.

Episode 7 - Zeppoli's Italian Restaurant and wine shop

Cody Thompson gives us a behind the scenes tour of Zeppoli's in Blacksburg.  We discuss the challenges of the restaurant business, fresh made pasta, and what happened to Marie's leg!

Episode 8 - Johana Hicks

Johana Hicks is running for a seat on Christiansburg, Virginia's town council.  A native of Columbia, South America, she is a business owner and has a unique appreciation for the business community.  Get to know her ahead of November's election.

Episode 9 - Reality Hair Co.

Watch experienced stylists Tarah Glenn and Steph French perform their art at the new Reality Hair Co. in downtown Christiansburg.

Episode 12 - New River Engraving

Go behind the scenes at New River Engraving!  They do a lot more than plaques and trophies.  See our local craftsmen at work milling signs, laser etching metal and wood, and Jay doing old school manual engraving on pewter.  Meet our production helpers for this episode, Deet and Jonathan, too!

Episode 13 - Chantilly Farm

Meet Dave Larsen and the crew behind the scenes at Floyd's Chantilly Farm.  We get a tour of the stage, barn, workshop, campground, and more!

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